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Udayan Banerjee

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Is this a case of Big Brother watching you?

Alvin Toffler had predicted that in the Third Wave – Post Industrial Society, actionable knowledge as a primary resource.

In some sense, knowledge is more freely available today than any other time in history – thanks to the internet, thanks to Wikipedia, thanks to Google, thanks to TED … thanks to all of us who have contributed a bit.

Then there is data about the world … about our action. Question is – what can you do with that data? Obviously … it is to be used to predict the future. To do that, you need a model and an algorithm.

If your model and algorithm works … if it works better than others … you have the power.

However, there are 2 problems.

  1. What happens if such power is in the wrong hand?
  2. What happens if the model and algorithm is less accurate than you think?

Do you remember “Minority Report”? If you search the net, you will find many stories of “innocent victims” of a malfunctioning risk assessment model.

Every time I hear about a new source of data and a new model … I get a conflicting feeling of “oh! that is great!” and “hmm… who is going to be the next victim of this model?”.

Dan Berkenstock’s TED presentation on “The world is one big dataset. Now, how to photograph it …” left me with the same feeling!

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Udayan Banerjee is CTO at NIIT Technologies Ltd, an IT industry veteran with more than 30 years' experience. He blogs at
The blog focuses on emerging technologies like cloud computing, mobile computing, social media aka web 2.0 etc. It also contains stuff about agile methodology and trends in architecture. It is a world view seen through the lens of a software service provider based out of Bangalore and serving clients across the world. The focus is mostly on...

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