IT Scene and Changing Trends from an Indian Perspective

Udayan Banerjee

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The record of Facebook so far is impressive … in fact it is unprecedented. Facebook with $40 billion valuation & 500 million users – Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, the youngest billionaire & Time “person of the year” … the list goes on. So, where does Facebook go from here? Are we looking at the tip of the iceberg or are we standing at the top of Mt Everest? Here is a 2007 May Fast Company article – Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg: Hacker. Dropout. CEO. It makes interesting reading. The article goes on to says “…TechCrunch posted documents said to be a part of an internal valuation of Facebook by Yahoo. The documents projected that Facebook would generate $969 million in revenue, with 48 million users, by 2010…”. They have been wrong by an order of magnitude on the number of users!!! Going forward, here are five possible scenarios for Facebook. Next big thing happens: A new and ... (more)

Media 2.0 on Ulitzer - New Media and Content Marketing Strategies

Here is an interesting news item which claims that UK online ad spend overtakes mainstream TV. The same news was corroborated by another post which stated that spending on online advertising surpasses TV. The news was little disconcerting because it did not seem to match with my ground level experience. So, I decided to probe a little deeper and unearthed more data on Internet ad spend. What I uncovered was more in line with what I perceive to be the real situation. These reports claimed that the Internet ad spend is less than 10% of total ad spend which is only a fraction of ad... (more)

Emerging Technology Trends – Minus the Hype

If you are a pragmatist, I'm sure you would like make your technology investment decision after discounting all the hype that surrounds the emerging technologies. The task is not easy since among all the hype around the new technologies a real inflection point may be hiding – and you definitely don't want to miss that. What is the best way to do it? You should start by asking the following questions: What are the specific trigger points that started the hype? How much has the technology moved in last one year? If the current trend continues then where will it be in one year time?... (more)

Kindle Fire, Google and Patent Dispute

Every analyst is discussing how Amazon’s Kindle Fire going to affect Apple. They are discussing why it is going to be the first real competition for iPad – how at US$199 it's a killer pricing – Why Apple might launch a 7 inch rival – Why 7 inch is not a viable Tablet – Why Kindle Fire is a Game Changer etc. Bloomberg reported that Amazon’s shares rose by $5.50, while Apple fell by $2.25 and Barnes & Noble (maker of the Nook e-reader) declined 91 cents, or 6.9%, to $12.30. Here is an interesting result of a user poll conducted in Cult of Mac. The question was “Does Apple have an... (more)

Web Programming - Is TypeScript Microsoft’s Answer to Google’s Dart?

One more programming language! On 1st October, 2012 Microsoft released TypeScript. Like Google’s Dart it is pitched against JavaScript. Unlike Dart it does not reject JavaScript syntax. Six Facts About TypeScript It compiles into JavaScript Its syntax is a super-set of JavaScript It is JavaScript + Object Orientation It is multi- platform – work with node.js and Visual Studio 2012 It is opensource with Apache 2.0 license It is created by Anders Hejlsberg Who is Anders Hejlsberg? = Danish Software Engineer = Created Turbo Pascal = Created Delphi = Created C# = Works for Microso... (more)